The Lost Art of the Drive-in

I think most people in Sacramento forget that we have a way to watch movies that is super fun and different, yet is becoming increasingly rare: drive-ins.

If the last time you’ve been to these outdoor cinema shows was 1983, or if you have NEVER felt the magic that is the drive-in, I highly suggest you check out the West Wind Drive-in Theaters in Sacramento, off Oates Dr. Coming up on Labor Day Weekend (September 2-4), they’re having a Customer Appreciation Night where they play free movies, along with live music and more family-friendly functions. Check back with their website for more info:

Happy Death Day trailer

Horror? Good. Comedy? Good. A horror comedy? GOOD.

As far as Friday the 13ths go, nothing is more ecstasy-inducing than having a Friday the 13th in October. In a few months, we get to experience this glorious phenomenon for the first time in…I cannot remember when.

What is even better than having a “true” Friday the 13th, is that we will be treated with Happy Death Day, a unique genre-mixing endeavor (think Groundhog Day, but as a slasher film) that might very well grace us with some scares intertwined with laughter on the holiest of nights in the horror film aficionado’s calendar.