This Festival is for The Birds…


The 2019 Hitchcock Film Festival is coming to Bodega Bay next month!  As many people already know, The Birds was largely filmed in and around Bodega and Bodega Bay, which makes it quite literally the ~best~ place to watch a showing of the horror classic, with the actual filming locations being mere minutes away.  And to top it off, they’ll also be showing what I consider to be Hitch’s magnum opus: Psycho.

Proceeds will go to arts programs for the elementary schools in the area.  Concessions and drinks will be available, raffle prizes, and even a costume contest.  Plus, they will have a few special guests, including an actress who played a little girl in The Birds. This event is a must-attend for all horror and Hitch fans!

The festival is Saturday, March 23rd.

For more info, here’s the city’s website:

To buy tickets:  Brown Paper Tickets