This Festival is for The Birds…


The 2019 Hitchcock Film Festival is coming to Bodega Bay next month!  As many people already know, The Birds was largely filmed in and around Bodega and Bodega Bay, which makes it quite literally the ~best~ place to watch a showing of the horror classic, with the actual filming locations being mere minutes away.  And to top it off, they’ll also be showing what I consider to be Hitch’s magnum opus: Psycho.

Proceeds will go to arts programs for the elementary schools in the area.  Concessions and drinks will be available, raffle prizes, and even a costume contest.  Plus, they will have a few special guests, including an actress who played a little girl in The Birds. This event is a must-attend for all horror and Hitch fans!

The festival is Saturday, March 23rd.

For more info, here’s the city’s website:

To buy tickets:  Brown Paper Tickets

Food Truck Cinema

While Summer brings beach balls and sunburns, it also brings outside movie shows.  Food Truck Cinema has events coming up in Concord, Fairfield, Santa Rosa, and Roseville.  Live music, beer gardens, food truck munchies, and films shown on a big (portable, decent-sized) screen.  Films that will be playing in Roseville at the Woodcreek Golf Course include: Shrek on July 21st, Lady Bird on August 18th, Avengers on September 15th, and The Nightmare Before Christmas on October 27th.

For complete info:

Jeepers Creepers 3- One Night in Theaters

Jeepers, it’s the Creeper…Again!

Calling all Jeepers Creepers fans!  After what seemed like 23 years of waiting (14 years, in actuality), the long-anticipated third installment of one of the most underrated horror franchises is finally coming to theaters!  Yes, folks, Jeepers Creepers 3 is upon us.

It is set to take place after Jeepers Creepers but before Jeepers Creepers 2, serving as an in-betweener tale.  But lo, there is a slight downside: it is only being screened for one night – Tuesday, September 26th at 7:00 PM.

Luckily, most of the theaters in the Sacramento area will be showing it, but make sure to use your peepers and double check the website below for the closest location near you.

Nevada City’s Movies Under the Pines

There is high quality cinema at high altitudes this August, folks.  What’s left of the Nevada City outdoor film-showing series, Movies Under the Pines, is pretty decent: at Pioneer Park, they will be showing Hitchcock’s Vertigo on August 12th, and The Big Lebowski on August 26th!
Tickets are $7 – that is unless you bring your dysfunctional family of 4, then it’s just 20 bucks for everyone!

Crisp air, visible stars, the smell of pine trees, and watching Jeff Bridges drink his 10th White Russian;  honestly, what could be more perfect on a summer night?

The Lost Art of the Drive-in

I think most people in Sacramento forget that we have a way to watch movies that is super fun and different, yet is becoming increasingly rare: drive-ins.

If the last time you’ve been to these outdoor cinema shows was 1983, or if you have NEVER felt the magic that is the drive-in, I highly suggest you check out the West Wind Drive-in Theaters in Sacramento, off Oates Dr. Coming up on Labor Day Weekend (September 2-4), they’re having a Customer Appreciation Night where they play free movies, along with live music and more family-friendly functions. Check back with their website for more info: