Remake Alert: ‘Suspiria’

Dario Argento’s film from the late 70’s would fit in a sub-genre of horror films that I’d label “beautiful horror”. The movie is extremely unsettling and nerve-wracking, but also so gorgeous that you can’t look away.  It’s a horror classic, so its respective remake has some large ballerina shoes to fill. Luckily, the director at the helm is Luca Guadagnino, whose 2017’s Call Me by Your Name was universally acclaimed.

Furthermore, with Thom Yorke composing the score and Tilda Swinton playing the creepy headmistress of the dance academy, this could be a remake that is worth its salt.  And yes, it also has the actress from Fifty Shades of Grey in the lead role, but hopefully we’ll all do our best to ignore that fact…hopefully.

Suspiria is slated for a November 2 release.


Slender Man

A big-screen Slender Man adaptation is headed our way, in theaters August 10th.  About seven years after the “Slender” fervor began, the trailer makes it look like it might have been worth the wait…but we’ll see.

If you’ve never heard of Slender Man, I suggest you check him out, as the origin and evolution of this internet phenomenon is fairly interesting/disturbing:

‘The Nun’ Trailer

The Nun, set to be released this September, is a spin-off from that creepy-ass nun demon we had the pleasure of seeing in The Conjuring 2.  The director is Corin Hardy, whose directorial debut was with the film The Hallow.  I myself haven’t seen it, but I’ve read that it got mostly positive reviews.   I plan on checking it out before September, of course, to get an idea of this guy’s style and approach to horror.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen good ol’ Valak, but here he is.  Sigh, as if I needed another reason to not go to church….


Spielberg’s Ready Player One

I never thought I’d post a trailer for a Steven Spielberg film, but lo: Ready Player One is an adaptation that addresses the physical decaying of our planet, with the only place of solace being the world of virtual reality. Very sad, but hey, it might be how our world will be in 30 years.

So, because of its source material, theme material, and the fact that Rush’s “Tom Sawyer” is included, I thought the trailer was worth at least one view.


‘The Further’ is Coming Hither – Insidious 4: The Last Key

In January of next year, we will see the return of Elise, the demon hunter.
While the third Insidious film didn’t quite reach the quality of the first two films, it did promise a continuation of the newly-founded ghost hunting trio that has become the prime focus of the series after the second film.
These guys do for ghosts what Clark does for bugs. The film’s title should really be called “Insidious 4: Elise, We Need You!”