Happy Death Day trailer

Horror? Good. Comedy? Good. A horror comedy? GOOD.

As far as Friday the 13ths go, nothing is more ecstasy-inducing than having a Friday the 13th in October. In a few months, we get to experience this glorious phenomenon for the first time in…I cannot remember when.

What is even better than having a “true” Friday the 13th, is that we will be treated with Happy Death Day, a unique genre-mixing endeavor (think Groundhog Day, but as a slasher film) that might very well grace us with some scares intertwined with laughter on the holiest of nights in the horror film aficionado’s calendar.

3 thoughts on “Happy Death Day trailer”

  1. Going to a Drive-in is fun, we have a couple here in the bay and it’s always a double feature, plus you can bring whatever you want for food and drinks.

    • Exactly! Plus, if you did need snacks and drinks, the lobbies at drive-ins are way cooler than the ones at the indoor theaters. 😎

  2. The old drive-in at Greenback and Fair Oaks was right next to a liquor store. Just had to hop the fence during intermission for more tequila and I’d sleep through the second feature. Good thing we lived across the street.

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