Jigsaw trailer

Seven years after the “end” of the Saw storyline, it appears that…yes…there is now a copycat Jigsaw killer out there.

Jigsaw, coming out at the end of October, will be the eighth film in the Saw saga.  The movie is being described as a re-imagining of the franchise, and with new directors/writers at the helm, there is a small chance that it might return to the old ways of the first couple films:  less ridiculous, gratuitous torture and more tense, serial killer mystery.

Whether this trailer leaves you excited or rolling your eyes, Billy the Puppet will ride again.


4 thoughts on “Jigsaw trailer”

  1. Holy crap! I didn’t even realize that they made five films let alone eight! It doesn’t look horrible but I think it’s a rental, if anything…

    • Haha, yep! Most of the middle films are basically throw-away anyway.
      I also love it how Tobin Bell (Jigsaw) died in the third film, but has been in every one of the movies since, including the new one. Talk about making a lasting incision.

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