The Lost Art of the Drive-in

I think most people in Sacramento forget that we have a way to watch movies that is super fun and different, yet is becoming increasingly rare: drive-ins.

If the last time you’ve been to these outdoor cinema shows was 1983, or if you have NEVER felt the magic that is the drive-in, I highly suggest you check out the West Wind Drive-in Theaters in Sacramento, off Oates Dr. Coming up on Labor Day Weekend (September 2-4), they’re having a Customer Appreciation Night where they play free movies, along with live music and more family-friendly functions. Check back with their website for more info:

4 thoughts on “The Lost Art of the Drive-in”

  1. I saw the original Ghostbusters at a drive-in. *waves cane*

    I went to a lot of movies at the drive-in when I was a kid! We’d take our own snacks–thermoses of hot chocolate in the winter–and we kids would be in our jammies in case we fell asleep during the second movie. That’s right, boys and girls, they were DOUBLE FEATURES.

    No drive-in theaters in these parts, alas.

  2. Wow, Joy! Get this: I saw the Ghostbusters remake at a drive-in 😉
    *waves new-age cane*

    That sounds very neat! Did you guys have the audio boxes that hung from poles outside the cars? The drive-in mentioned above still shows double-features, if you can believe it!

  3. Yes, at first there were crackly speakers that you hung on your windows. Later they upgraded and you tuned in to a radio frequency. How does the West Wind do it?

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