Holy “Mother!”… Aronofsky Has Returned

Mother!, the newest celluloid mindfuck from Darren Aronofsky, looks pretty intriguing and fairly disquieting.

Serving as a precursor to the actual film, the trailer inevitably leaves you wondering what the eff is going on. This opaqueness should accompany all trailers, as mystique and curiosity are unused and undervalued tools when it comes to entertainment promotion. The majority shy away from this, choosing to include all the “dramatic” and “action-filled” parts in order to stir up viewer interest.

The biggest failure of these bite-size appeteasers is when they give away huge spoilers, which happens all too often. In a perfect world, trailers would be only 20 seconds long, and offer only the bare minimum of a plot synopsis; the old adage “less is more” definitely applies here.

Luckily Aronofsky’s films are so strange and dense that the trailer production companies can’t even compose a coherent snippet of the film. Take that!


2 thoughts on “Holy “Mother!”… Aronofsky Has Returned”

  1. Yeah I’m not sure if this looks good or not. The trailer left me with an “eh” feeling. Someone let me know if it’s worth watching when they see it.

  2. Sooooo….Aronofsky….I never saw Black Swan or Requiem for a Dream. I did see The Fighter, which I thought was excellent and not at all mindfucky or disturbing. (I really don’t like disturbing movies, which is why I don’t go see horror movies, sorry, Tiff.)

    But! Rian Johnson and Edgar Wright have both described Mother! as black comedy, and now I’m thinking I’ll go see it. People seem to either love it or hatehateHATE it.

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