Nevada City’s Movies Under the Pines

There is high quality cinema at high altitudes this August, folks.  What’s left of the Nevada City outdoor film-showing series, Movies Under the Pines, is pretty decent: at Pioneer Park, they will be showing Hitchcock’s Vertigo on August 12th, and The Big Lebowski on August 26th!
Tickets are $7 – that is unless you bring your dysfunctional family of 4, then it’s just 20 bucks for everyone!

Crisp air, visible stars, the smell of pine trees, and watching Jeff Bridges drink his 10th White Russian;  honestly, what could be more perfect on a summer night?

The Lost Art of the Drive-in

I think most people in Sacramento forget that we have a way to watch movies that is super fun and different, yet is becoming increasingly rare: drive-ins.

If the last time you’ve been to these outdoor cinema shows was 1983, or if you have NEVER felt the magic that is the drive-in, I highly suggest you check out the West Wind Drive-in Theaters in Sacramento, off Oates Dr. Coming up on Labor Day Weekend (September 2-4), they’re having a Customer Appreciation Night where they play free movies, along with live music and more family-friendly functions. Check back with their website for more info:

Happy Death Day trailer

Horror? Good. Comedy? Good. A horror comedy? GOOD.

As far as Friday the 13ths go, nothing is more ecstasy-inducing than having a Friday the 13th in October. In a few months, we get to experience this glorious phenomenon for the first time in…I cannot remember when.

What is even better than having a “true” Friday the 13th, is that we will be treated with Happy Death Day, a unique genre-mixing endeavor (think Groundhog Day, but as a slasher film) that might very well grace us with some scares intertwined with laughter on the holiest of nights in the horror film aficionado’s calendar.