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When it comes to Jeepers Creepers 3, there is good news and bad news. The good news: it, thank god, was better than the second installment. The bad news: if you were hoping that the Creeper and his story will be explained, those hopes will be dashed and your curiosity will either inflate with anticipation for the next film, or deflate from all the mystery and confusion.

Starting immediately where the first film left off, this one features Sargent Tubbs teaming up with a “Kill the Creeper” squad led by Sheriff Tashtego. A lot of focus is concentrated on the Creeper’s origins, but nothing concrete is explained, nothing that we didn’t already know, anyway. Yes, we knew that he is ancient, and yes we knew that he’s been chillin’ and killin’ for thousands of years.

What we didn’t know before this film is how badass and resourceful BEATNGU actually is. The Batmobile from Hell, this thing was one of my favorite parts of the film as we get to see the different deadly gadgets that is at the Creepers disposal. Which, if the Creeper spends his days ripping and eating people’s limbs and body parts, it would make sense that his car would, as a character unwittingly speculates, be a “Frankenstein car”. And what happens when you try to kill Frankenstein’s monster? Don’t ask me, just look in the tailpipe.

The script is not that strong, and while Derry and Trish were memorable and likable, Salva sadly hasn’t been able to achieve that same characterization since. Most of the characters in #3 are throw-away, their deaths being more of a spectacle to which the Creeper can demonstrate his hyper-predatory instincts. Also, the use of slow-motion left a lot to be desired: mostly, less slow motion.

The Creeper might be at his most menacing in this film, however. His black, demonic face contrasting sharply with his newly-dawned blood red shirt – this guy has nothing to hide and, knowing that everyone is basically helpless (a gatling gun doesn’t even phase him an inch), literally takes who and what it wants at any time. If one were to ever be able to choose a demonic/alien/mutated dragon thing to be for a day, the Creeper would surely be a fine choice.

So, even though the film brought brought up (WAY) more questions than answers, it serves as a nice stepping stone to the next, and possibly last film where the Creeper might eventually meet his proverbial maker.

**Rating: 73/100**

>>Person to see this movie with:  Someone who owns a BEATNGU license plate.

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  1. “Chillin and killin” I love it! Glad to hear it starts where the first one left off. The second one was seriously terrible. 73/100 ill take it.

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