Remake Alert: ‘Suspiria’

Dario Argento’s film from the late 70’s would fit in a sub-genre of horror films that I’d label “beautiful horror”. The movie is extremely unsettling and nerve-wracking, but also so gorgeous that you can’t look away.  It’s a horror classic, so its respective remake has some large ballerina shoes to fill. Luckily, the director at the helm is Luca Guadagnino, whose 2017’s Call Me by Your Name was universally acclaimed.

Furthermore, with Thom Yorke composing the score and Tilda Swinton playing the creepy headmistress of the dance academy, this could be a remake that is worth its salt.  And yes, it also has the actress from Fifty Shades of Grey in the lead role, but hopefully we’ll all do our best to ignore that fact…hopefully.

Suspiria is slated for a November 2 release.


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