Upcoming Lord of the Flies Remake

Ever since sophomore year in high school when we had to read this haunting novel, I had always wondered what it would have been like if, instead of a group of boys getting stranded on an island together, it was a group of girls.  Well, looks like we’re going to find out!

I welcome remakes and prequels and sequels with open arms, just as long as their existence isn’t a complete decimation of and insult to the original material (I’m looking at you, Descent 2).

Even though it’s going to be the complete opposite of the Amazon island utopia in Wonder Woman…this idea has me intrigued, and I will definitely be giving it a shot.



More details:
Scott McGehee & David Siegel Plan Female-Centric ‘Lord Of The Flies’ At Warner Bros

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Lord of the Flies Remake”

  1. I dunno, somethings shouldn’t be done. I am intrigued by the concept but the original story was something I was forcefed in high school and it was never as good as the teachers seemed to think it was….

    • Really?! We analyzed it for like 5 months in high school and I loved it. Of course, it coincided with when the show LOST was airing…so that might’ve added to the whole “mysterious, evil island, evil people, what does it all mean” fervor that possessed me back then.

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